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Hospital Care

If you are hospitalized, your Changebridge Medical Associates, a Member of Consensus Health, primary care provider will coordinate your care with the doctors at the hospital. We will remain a core part of your health care team whether you are in the hospital, a rehabilitation facility or recovering at home. Hospital care has become more complex and requires solid communication and coordination between the hospital staff and your primary care provider. We will work with the hospital to make sure your health information is available to support your care during your stay in the hospital. We track your stay, so we can be aware when you are ready to be discharged home or to another facility for any additional needed therapy.

Changebridge Hospital Care services

  • Working with the hospital staff to ensure they have all your information
  • Tracking your stay to ensure your needs are met upon discharge, whether to your home or to another facility
  • Being accessible for your family
  • Prescription management

Changebridge Medical Associates, a Member of Consensus Health, has affiliations and privileges with Morristown Medical Center, Chilton Memorial Hospital and at St. Clare’s Hospital.